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Thanks for stopping by!  My name is JP, and I am a New York City based photographer.
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I am an actor as well as a photographer, so I am very familiar with the ever-changing style of headshots in NYC.  I do my best to stay on top of the latest fashions and styles so that your headshot will really pop when you set it down in front of a casting director.  I keep my rates competitive so you won't feel stuck with the same headshot for 2 years. 
Repeat customers always have reduced pricing!


Photoshop and Retouching

I am proud to say that I do all of my own retouching.  After a headshot or photo session with me, I will do everything from minor retouching and blemish removal to liquefying and color adjustments, all while keeping the image natural, not "overly processed".  The finished product will be you at your best.

I also offer retouching on your own photos.  If you have pictures from another photographer, or even some home shots you want to look a little more professional, I have very reasonable pricing on minor and major retouching.

Why You Should Try Boudoir!

 Boudoir is one of the biggest booming industries in photography.  Everyone likes to feel beautiful, so why not capture some shots of you at your sexiest? 

Boudoir shots make great gifts for that special person in your life.  Whether it's for a sexy Valentine's Day present, a fun Christmas gift, a hot birthday treat, or simply a nice reminder for someone who works away from home or is overseas, boudoir photos are a perfect way to surprise your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

 Additionally, boudoir is great to celebrate important milestones!  A sexy groom's gift is always popular for your wedding, but a fun photo shoot can also help you celebrate a big milestone at the gym, an important birthday, a new job...even a pregnancy!

Boudoir is great for your self image.  People of all shapes and sizes are beautiful in their own ways.  As a photographer, my job is to capture your beauty and provide great photos for you to treasure.  My past clients are proud of their photos and as a result feel sexy and glamorous. You deserve to feel good about yourself, your shape, your body, and all that makes you YOU.

 Here's what some of my clients have said about their experience:

     "I had never taken photos with a professional before but JP definitely made me feel comfortable and confident. He is a great photographer and the results of my session were beautiful!" -L.M.

     "It was a nice experience, I felt very relaxed and comfortable which is quite contrary to other experiences I've had spending long hours modeling. I feel as though the images captured were more authentic, in that a girl would be playful and at ease in the environment of her boudoir."  -E.R.


     "I was apprehensive about the idea of a boudoir shoot at first but from the moment the shoot started I felt completely at ease, and more confident. JP's talent is clear in the final products that highlight his clients best assets as well as being true works of art, and the experience itself is a lot of fun!" -M.M.